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Saeco's Incanto Sirius couples advanced technology and innovation-orientated research with an elegant and stylish design. The stainless steel and black design fits in any type of setting and the "no-fingermark stainless steel housing makes cleaning easy. Saeco's new Touch screen technology gives the machine a modern look, but the graphic display and icons give clear easy to follow instruction to make it simple to use. The Incanto Sirius is equipped with other innovative technologies such as SBS ¿ Saeco Brewing System to regulate coffee flow, ceramic grinding mechanism, new larger brewing group up to 12 gr. (same easy to remove, easy to clean brew group) for an extraordinary taste, aqua prima water filter and pannarello steam wand/frothing device.

Technical Details

- Super-automatic espresso/coffee machine housed in stainless steel
- 15-bar pump pressure; stainless-steel boiler; removable brew group
- Large, interactive, touch-screen display; SBS brews to individual tastes
- Aqua Prima water filter; 68-ounce removable water tank; ceramic grinder
- Ships within US only; does not ship to Canada
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Customer Buzz
 "Great while it lasted...Saeco service is terrible" 2008-12-21
By Careful Researcher (Northern California)
We really liked it for a couple months. Then our cleaning lady misaligned the brew group, the gears got stripped, and our local repair shop has been waiting for the spare parts from Saeco since then...waiting for 12 months, that is (!!!). The trains in Italy may run on time these days, but Saeco's supply chain doesn't.

My recommendation: 1) I love Amazon and buy a lot here, but I recommend against buying expensive items like this from Amazon (buy local for better service experience), and 2) don't buy Saeco machines from anywhere.

Customer Buzz
 "Great espresso, classy looks, so-so reliability." 2008-12-09
By Kevin M. Hogan
Let me preface this review by saying that, as of this writing, the Incanto Sirus has been discontinued by SAECO. I dont quite understand this as they still make two other Incanto's that are essentially the same (along with other SAECO products they produce, including some Gaggia and Starbucks products), sans the touchscreen of the Sirius. This leads me to believe that, along with many reviews I've read (and personal experience thrown in), this particular touchscreen (supposedly originally developed for cell phone usuage) is problematic. It tends to duplicate commands on it's own (i.e., one coffee becomes two without further provocation from the user, etc.) and is generally a weak point of the design. It does look stunning, though!

Another caveat would be RE: the grinder. SAECO touts their ceramic grinder over other "inferior" conical burr-type grinders, and it does do a consistent (and relatively quiet) job, but there is a snake in the garden. The visible grinder parts are mostly heavy-duty metal, but the grinder drive motor gears are supposedly fine-toothed (metal?) and prone to failure. There is an "upgrade" grinder motor kit available from SAECO, but you won't get it unless your breaks...ask me how I know!

Having said that, the machine works (when it works) great! It's simple to operate via the touchscreen...that's a good thing, because the manual isn't particularly useful. It makes fairly consistent espresso caffe, and is easy to clean/maintain (use Cafiza-brand descaler and cleaner regularly). The cappuccino and caffe crema it can easily make are good as well. While the housing is substantially plastic, it is clad in beautiful stainless (unlike SAECO's top-shelf Primea Touch Plus) and weighs a substantial 25lbs. It looks very classy and should be at home in just about any kitchen, well-heeled or not.

The machine worked exceedingly well, with over 2,000 shots on the counter in six months, but then it suddenly broke. The grinder made an awful sound, then the "grinder blocked" icon appeared. It's taken about three weeks to get the thing repaired under warrantee (I'm picking it up today...cross your fingers and wish me luck!). Let's see how long it'll last. For the (steep) $1,600 this thing lists for, it should be designed to last for many years. Granted I make a lot of shots, but at this price point, this "light duty" commercial unit should reliable. Only time will tell.

I can tell you one thing, this contraption is addictive! I didn't realize how essential it was until it broke. I have been Jones'n for REAL coffee since it broke and cannot be satiated without a fix from this machine. My home brew espresso using Lavazza Super Crema (and Illy pre-ground decaf for those evening cravings) cannot be duplicated in any coffee shop/bar. It spoils you for anything else....Starbuck's now tastes like burnt mud to me. SAECO should have a service loaner plan for addicts, LOL! I came very close to buying another one of these (Amazon had it for around $700 all inclusive for weeks, until I went to click on "buy now") and even considered the Primea Touch (great buy on here, BTW), but I really have no room for TWO machines. This is not like a $25 Walmart coffee maker that you can use twice a month and put it under the counter: these must be used regularly and cleaned/maintained or they will become an expensive useless paperweight in short order. That and the additional cost dissuaded me from picking-up a "spare" machine as a back-up in case of a coffee emergency, LOL!

Your call, but I'd wait for the price to come down if you're gonna take the plunge. If price is no object, and you have the dosh, ck out the Saeco S-PTP Primea Touch Plus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. That thing is beyond super-automatic!

Update (5/4/09): I'm at the 5,000(!) shot mark @ the nearly one year mark and it's still doing the business. I love the caffe this thing makes and can only hope I haven't jinxed myself by re-posting, LOL! FWIW, the Primea Touch Plus (mentioned above) also appears to have been discontinued as well. Amazon had a killer price recently and then it jumped right back up again (missed bad!). Apparently, it hasn't been too reliable either. For the right price, I'd take the still get at least a one year warrantee from SAECO and that thing is the biz!

Customer Buzz
 "Super saeco machine" 2008-03-29
By Y. Dudiy (USA)
The only one concern is that cappuuccinator is not included. The best machine that I have ever used!

Customer Buzz
 "Not reliable!" 2008-03-01
By Ben M. Vandoorn (Seattle)
Bought the Incanto Espresso Machine (plastic version of the Sirius) in March 2006. Every two months I had technical problems. Reported this several times to Saeco. Every time I had to go to the UPS Store, paid each time over $ 50.= shipping and it took always a month, before I had the machine back. Very poor communication between Saeco Customer Service and the customer. The last time I received the repaired Incanto, it stopped already after two days and I was fat up with this machine. Paid $ 800.= for that plastic, bad, not properly working machine. Saeco received a lot of angry emails from me and I also asked Better Business Bureau for help. That worked. Finally Saeco upgraded me to the Incanto Sirius. This machine makes real good cappuccino's and espresso's, but immediately I had a problem with the button. For one cup espresso, you have to push (very slightly) one time, but most of the times, I get two cups instead of one. That does not work well. Indeed just two months later, this machine also stopped working. The screen constantly asked for "ventilate". Back to Customer Service from Saeco and back to the UPS store. When I received the machine back, there was no filter anymore in the water tank. It seemed that this filter caused the problem for not working. Probably there were more problems with that filter, because Saeco does not sell the Sirius with a filter in it anymore. From May till October I live on the campground and I always use a Starbucks Barista (also Saeco) machine, without any problems. Nobody else uses the Sirius Machine in that period. The last four months (new record) the Sirius Incanto worked. I was totally surprised, but a month ago it stopped again. This time the screen asked "install the brewer group". I removed, placed the brewer group several times, but still the same text and no more espresso's. I contacted Saeco again. The micro-switch that confirms installation of the brewer group does not attenuate completely to tell the machine the brewer group is installed. Four weeks ago, back to the UPS store and this time they charged me $ 74.= for shipping. Why do I always have to send the machine's to the East Coast? Is there nobody in the Northwest who can repair espresso machine's?

Now four weeks later, I'm still waiting. Emailed Saeco several times with questions: What's going on? Did they already repair the machine? If yes, what was the problem? When do they return this? Not any reply from Saeco. Oh, this is my 5th dying Saeco, but the Starbucks Barista is a survivor. It gives me good cappuccino's and espresso's, good foam and it is a wonderful replacement, when my expensive machine has to go back to Saeco. My best friend uses daily her Barista machine for ten years now and had never a problem with it. Okay it is a little bit more work, but less expensive than the Sirius Incanto. You can buy 3 or 4 RELIABLE Barista's for the same price as one Sirius.

UPDATE March 4 2008. Yesterday I received the (repaired???) Sirius, made two very bad tasting espresso's and it is dead again. It is impossible to read the screen, behind the plastic protector it is wet, screen is hazy. Opened the door to the brewer group, it was all wet inside and leaking. Yes again, back to the UPS Store.

Customer Buzz
 "A Nightmare" 2007-08-30
By NDLeeds (NYC, USA)
I'll begin by stating that when the machine is working it produces terrific ristretto, espresso and americano. The frothing unit also functions well when working. The problem is that it is an unreliable machine that breaks down very frequently. I have had several replacements and some haven't even worked out of the box! This is clearly the least reliable product I have ever owned in any category. I don't understand why the company just doesn't recall them, destroy them and move on to a design that will reflect quality and concern for their customers. My advice is to avoid the Saeco Incanto Sirius at any cost.

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